The Evolution of Medicine: Self empowerment

I hope everyone had a wonderful summer and had a chance to enjoy the spectacular weather!

I wanted to share with you about a wonderful event I attended last week at ABC Home, hosted by an organization called Revive Primary Care. Since last year they have been hosting monthly meetings for all of NYC’s alternative medicine doctors and practitioners.This event was a big kickoff for the new year and a week long summit highlighting 30 top innovators while shining a light on new ideas, treatments and a unique vision for a more evolved, empowered and patient-valued focused healthcare system.

Yes, our healthcare system is a mess….but I do believe that Medicine will be practiced very differently in the near future as we as practitioners evolve and begin to understand that mind, body and spirit are not separate and how all must be addressed when working with disease or any chronic condition. There are many of us that have been around for a while practicing this way but few were ready to look deeply for answers surrounding their pain. I feel we are ready now…. either willingly or because of some sort of health crisis that has arisen that traditional medicine can’t solve or support. It’s time for more education, self-empowerment, self-Love and a deeper understanding of health and wellness for doctors and patients alike.

You can still get this whole summit and the valuable information here.


How Gratitude heals , the Science

The number of studies on Gratitude has exploded over the past two decades culminating on June 7th with an event called The Greater Good Gratitude Summit. Cutting edge insights were shared with an audience of over 600 people who attended in person or on-line. The new research is exploring topics that range from the neuroscience of gratitude to the role of gratitude in romantic relationships to how gratitude might reduce bullying. Read all about it here.

Finding something to express gratitude for, no matter how small, can really shift your perspective in a moment of despair or darkness….we all have these moments and I know that for myself when I get lost in the difficulties of life, just taking a moment to be grateful truely helps my Soul to shine.

So a big Thank-you to my Business Coach, Ivy Slater here for introducing me to the Gratitude Diary App to keep me on track!


Are your arches collapsing?

You may have heard me say this before …Your feet are your foundation! I walk along the streets of Manhattan every day and notice that more and more people young and old have collapsing arches! or more technically over pronated feet. If left unchecked this can lead to other problems. There is so much more to know about the alignment of your feet physically, as well as energetically. I am now offering a free 15min consultation to see if you have this issue and how we can work to repair, resolve and renew your foundation.

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