See what our own beliefs came from

Go within to see what our own truths or beliefs are and where they came from and if they still apply for us today.


Holistic Podiatry creates a bridge from the healing of the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual bodies. Dr. Sherri’s practice consciously changes your perspective on healing by shedding a new light through...

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1 – Nutrition/ Herbs/ Homeopathy Diet and nutrition are key catalysts for overall health and wellness. They also affect the Spirit, our Emotions and our Mind. When the body is...

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The spirit message of this work is to give people the safety and unconditional loving support that kindles a spark of hope, allowing them to ground in their bodies and...

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  • “I’ve had plantar fasciitis for about 18 years. I’ve been to 8 podiatrists and had numerous sets of orthotics made. I’ve had courses of Pt, shockwave therapy, Alexander technique, acupuncture, cortisone injections, etc, etc. Seeing a more ‘unconventional’ doctor was a last resort before I considered surgery. Sherri was recommended by a friend. Her personalized, considered, empathetic and all encompassing approach has been a breath of fresh air. She’s the only person that’s been able to help me and relieve my pain which has now been reduced by about 60%. My feet are not the only thing that Sheri has helped with. Her holistic approach has taught me that you cannot have a healthy body without a healthy brain and her treatment has lead to many positive side effects I would never have considered. I man it.”

    • Jamie
  • “During the session, I was taken to an incredibly deep level of consciousness and knew my body was being worked on with profound Love. I could actually feel some of my core issues being released through my feet, and it is such a relief to let them go! With all my heart, I thank you for this amazing healing.”

    JW, CA
    • JW, CA
  • “I have experienced Dr. Sherri Greene’s healing sessions around 5 times now, and her work is nothing short of miraculous with the new modality that she has developed and pioneered herself. Each time she works on me, I experience a profound inner shift into tranquility that is so precious to me. I have always had a distinct lack of groundedness and an unwillingness to get into and stay in my body, and Dr. Greene’s work has helped me immeasurably to heal along these lines. I have not experienced any other modality that has been so successful in helping me to move through the blocks and limitations that have prevented me from living my life to the fullest. As a result, I now experience the joy of being completely present for my work, my family and my life, and I am so grateful.”

    SA, NJ
    • SA, NJ
  • “My session with you was one of the most powerful healing experiences of my life. The healing session I received with Dr. Sherri Greene was incredibly powerful and deeply loving. It is rare to experience focused and deep healing in such a gentle way. By focusing my attention on my feet and ultimately my whole lower body, I was awakened to imbalances throughout my Self and my life and then gently invited to clear them. Her intuitive and healing power is the best kind: clear, focused, and pure. I strongly recommend her work, especially if you are looking to integrate mind, body, spirit in an earth based practical way. Her healing session will help you literally walk forward with more and more LOVE.”

    AM, NY
    • AM, NY
  • “Dr. Greene’s foot modality is truly miraculous! After having random and unexplainable pain in my right big toe, not only was the pain gone after my treatment but it felt as if I had been given a NEW FOOT! When I got off the table and began to walk, my right arch (which was collapsed and causing pain on and off) had been completely altered! It has given me back the power to ‘stand my ground’ as well as a strong foundation physically and emotionally! Thank you.”

    JR, NY
    • JR, NY
  • “You helped me understand the connections between what was happening in my feet and what is happening in my life, and to use the energy in my like to heal my feet and my whole body. My foot issue has been resolved with no drugs or painful procedure, and it feels like my feet are in harmony with the rest of my body because of the intuitive, open approach that you used to access my healing power. Not only is my foot healing, but other parts of my body are more open and healthy as a result of the session I had with you. The approach that you bring to healing feet is empowering, enlightened, and profoundly effective. Thank you so much!”

    JM Seattle, Washington
    • JM Seattle, Washington
  • “This is a shout out for Dr Sherri Greene, a member of A’s Net and someone you should put in your memory bank if and when you find that you need the services of a podiatrist. I’m incredibly indebted to Sherri because she has helped me to get relief from a significant amount of pain that I was experiencing due to a chronic condition. Today was the proof! A rigorous exercise class and a fairly lengthy jog and I am not seeking Advil. Share her info with friends and family and they will thank you forever.”

    A (aka happy feet)
    • A (aka happy feet)

Dr. Sherri Greene is one of the few Holistic Podiatrists in existence today. Her skills as a traditional podiatrist continue to play an important role in her Holistic approach to all patients.

With her broader approach applied to the care of the feet you will benefit by receiving the best of Eastern and Western Medicine integrated into one treatment plan.

We are ALL unique individuals with unique individual needs, what works for one person may not necessarily work for the next. By taking this into account an individual treatment can be created just for you.

Dr. Greene’s passion has always been to help her patients to get to the root of their problem by spending time with them creating a space for a solution to appear. True healing comes from within…