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sgreene2014Dr. Sherri Greene graduated from PCPM in 1991. After completing a 2yr surgical residency in Philadelphia, Dr. Greene moved back to NY to start her private practice in New York City. While in practice she became disheartened with the apparent limitations of traditional treatments that led to more questions such as; “Why do some patients heal with time tested traditional treatments and others continue to suffer and struggle to get relief from chronic pain.”

This observation allowed Dr. Greene to step onto a new path of understanding beginning her exploration into the ancient art of healing. One thing became very clear: True healing incorporates the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the body.  When all are addressed and tended to, dis-ease begins to fade allowing the body to find it’s natural state of balance.

Dr. Greene has practiced Podiatric Medicine and Healing in NYC for over 17yrs. Her practice continues to evolve as new insights develop along her own deeply spiritual journey of healing.

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