Meet Dr. Sherri Greene

Bringing your body systems back into balance

Dr. Greene combines science, holistic medicine and empathy gained from her own personal journey to help you shift into optimal health by boosting your immunity and healing your chronic pain to help you live a better life. Dr Greene is highly sought after as an alternative to prescription medication and surgery, with many doctors and wellness professionals referring their most challenging and chronic cases to her.

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My Story

Creating an integrated, natural blueprint for healing

Dr. Sherri Greene is a traditionally trained podiatric physician and surgeon and has been practicing medicine since 1993. She ran a highly successful private Podiatric Medicine and Healing practice in NYC for over 29 years. Dr. Greene’s unique blend of traditional and modern insights prepared her to better assist her patients and allow her to bring the best of Eastern and Western medicine to all.

As one of the top restorative and lifestyle medicine physicians, Dr. Greene understands the deeper mind-body connection to today’s health problems, and believes Restorative Medicine creates a bridge for healing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Dr. Greene is currently the only practitioner in the US trained in Sacred Feet Healing and is certified in many other alternative healing modalities including Reflexology, Herbal and Functional Nutritional Medicine, Reiki, Energy Medicine, and Craniosacral Therapy, all helping to bring the whole body into alignment.

About Me

Resolve your chronic health issues naturally

Dr. Greene has experienced the miracles that occur when people use a holistic approach — body, mind, and spirit — to heal, rather than being treated for a named disease or condition.Witnessing her patients shift into better health by making simple changes to their diet, lifestyle and outlook led Dr. Greene to look beyond traditional medicine and surgery embracing complementary therapies while honing her innate intuitive healing gifts.

Working hand in hand with her patients using an intuitive approach, Dr. Greene takes into account the whole person’s health picture to identify the root cause of pain and persistent symptoms. The result is a scope of knowledge and compassion that offers people hope and confidence that they can resolve their health issues naturally.

A balanced approach to healing

Over 30 years of scientific & clinical experience

Dr. Greene has extensive experience at top medical institutions with training in complementary medicine including functional nutrition, energy medicine, homeopathy, reflexology, and vibrational medicine to help restore peace of mind, body and self.

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1993 - Present

Medical Doctor / Restorative Physician

Skills: Autoimmune Diseases · Chronic Pain · Functional Medicine · Intuitive Healer · Patient Advocacy · Functional Nutrition · Holistic Health · Integrative Medicine · Podiatry · Medicine · Patient Care · Preventive Medicine · Cancer support · Quality Patient Care


Surgical Residency

Frankford Hospital / Crozer-Chester Medical Center, PA


Doctor of Podiatric Medicine

Temple University College of Podiatric Medicine


Bachelors of Science

University at Albany, SUNY


Bachelors of Science

State University of NY, Buffalo

Resolving health issues naturally

“The body heals itself from the inside out, from top to bottom. This is how we practice restorative medicine because I believe in restoring my patient's health organically. Restoring a patient's health is not magic. It's digging deep to find out what's wrong and then where to begin. I work with my patients, supporting, guiding and receiving their feedback along the way. We walk this path together. It's taking the path less traveled in medicine and making lasting changes.”

- Dr. Sherri Greene -

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