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"Dr. Sherri Greene is a beacon of light for those in need of healing. Her holistic approach to health recovery and the wisdom and heart she brings to her clients makes her a special and gifted healer."
Anthony William
Medical Medium
Dr. Greene saved my health & my well-being

"I am so grateful for all of Dr Greene's support. She has given me a solid foundation for recovery, which has given me faith in my body again."

E.W. , United Kingdom

Saved from unnecessary surgery

After suffering with plantar fasciitis for about 18 years, going to 8 podiatrists, through numerous sets of orthotics, PT, shockwave therapy, Alexander technique, acupuncture, cortisone injections, etc, Dr. Greene was my last resort before surgery… (she) helped me relieve my pain by 60%...”

Jamie, New York City, NY

A new lease on life

"Dr. Greene is remarkable. I have been struggling with chronic Epstein Barr Virus for two years now. I can't believe the progress I’ve made; I've now been able to move to a new city and start a full-time graduate program after many, many months of being too sick to even have a part time job."

Lena Sclove , New York City, NY

Finally free from pain

"Dr. Greene helped me to get relief from a significant amount of pain that I was experiencing due to a chronic condition; a rigorous exercise class and fairly lengthy jog later, I’m not seeking Advil."

Adria.D., Long Island, NY

Healing my whole body was the key

"My foot issue has been resolved with no drugs or painful procedures, thanks to the intuitive, open approach Dr. Greene used. I now understand the connections between what was happening in my feet and in my life and how to heal my whole body."

Jennifer M., Seattle, WA

The pain is gone and I feel strong and balanced

"Dr. Greene is truly miraculous. The random and unexplainable pain was gone. I felt as if I had been given the power to stand my ground from a strong foundation physically and emotionally."

James R., New York City, NY

The most powerful healing experience of my life

"My session with Dr. Greene was one of the most powerful healing experiences of my life. Her intuitive healing power is clear, focused and pure. I strongly recommend her work."

Anna M., New York City, NY

Huge improvement after each session

"I always walk out of each appointment feeling better and stronger with clear guidance on how to keep improving. Dr Greene goes above and beyond."

Regan Glover

Off of my meds and full of energy

I was at my wit’s end until I started working with Dr. Greene. Now, 11-months later, I am off my prescription medication, have lost 35 pounds, my blood tests are normal and most importantly, I have the energy to enjoy my friends, family and even going to work. It hasn’t been an easy road, but I could never have done it without her continued support, compassion, and the unique program that he tailored for me as I progressed through the process from detoxing to cleaning up my gut to sharing recipes with me for healthy eating. I am forever grateful.

S.S., Westport, CT

Grateful to no longer be suffering

My life was just miserable until I found Dr. Greene through the Medical Medium. I was suffering from thyroid nodules, plantar fasciitis, extreme tiredness, depression, brain fog, sleeping issues, osteoporosis, hay fever, sinus issues and many more illnesses. After 10 months of working with Dr. Greene, those illnesses are all gone and I am completely off all prescription medications. I am very grateful

Elaine Schnelle, Australia

My chronic pain is gone and I feel great

"Dr. Sherri Greene is someone you should put in your memory bank. I am incredibly indebted to her because she helped me to get relief from a significant amount of pain that I was experiencing due to a chronic condition. Today was the proof! A rigorous exercise class and fairly lengthy jog and I feel great! Share her info with friends and family and they will thank you forever,”

Regan Glover

Invaluable information, knowledge and experience 

Dr. Greene, this Guide is unbelievably amazing!! You put so much work into it. It contains a wealth of invaluable information from your expertise and experience. It’s also VERY extensive and generous. Thank you for sharing your important knowledge and experience with us. We are all so fortunate. I feel very blessed to work with you, and to have this guide to rely on in case I know of someone who needs surgery or if I need surgery myself.

Mary C.

Grateful for Dr Greene’s wisdom and honesty

I wanted to thank you for our session with my client. I understand it wasn’t an easy task you were handed. I'm so beyond grateful for your wisdom and honesty. So very grateful! You are so, so, so important. A true godsend with a big mission

Carolina J.

I experienced a profound inner shift

"Nothing short of miraculous. After working with Dr Greene, I experienced a profound inner shift and now experience the joy of being completely present for my work, my family and my life."

Stephanie A, Fairlawn, NJ

Dr Greene is a guiding light of hope and healing

I can’t thank you enough for believing in me when I couldn’t. It’s been a really bumpy road but I’m more committed to living the MM lifestyle for the rest of my life with no more compromises. The people in my life can either choose to leave or stay. The good news now is that I love myself more than them and am no longer under the dark cloud of my previous lifestyle. So thanks again for the great job you did in helping me with my journey. I can never thank you enough for being such a guiding light of hope and healing.

Charlene T.

Hope for the first time

Just wanted to send you a note and say thank you. I’ve worked with three other practitioners and you were the first one to make suggestions about my diet. You made me feel so calm and confident in my healing. I truly felt like you cared about me and what I’m going through. I took Ativan at 10 am and didn’t have to take it again until 8 pm, so there was a big chunk of the day that I was able to relax. I know I have a long road ahead of me but knowing I have you on my team really gives me so much hope!

Stephanie O.

Dr Greene’s loving support has made a significant impact 

I’m reaching out simply to share my gratitude for the team you are and for the great and loving service you give. I’ve only known you briefly, but despite our acquaintance's length, I want you to know that you’ve had a significant impact.

Lisa M.

Finally have the support and guidance I’ve been looking for

Dealing with a mystery illness alone is overwhelming. The years of doctor appointments that brought only more confusion and frustration finally ended when I met with Dr. Greene. She knew exactly what was going on in my body and had a plan to start my healing. I’m so grateful to finally have the support that I’ve been needing while I take this journey.

Beth H.

"Once we get to the root of the imbalance, we work together to strengthen their immune system and use homeopathy, energy healing, lifestyle changes and leading edge non-invasive technology to bring their body systems back into balance.
Essentially, the body heals itself from the inside out, from top to bottom. This is how we resolve health issues naturally."
Dr. Sherri Greene, DPM
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