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Immunity Guide

A restorative medicine prescription for healthy immunity in troubled times. Learn simple wisdoms that help make real change, boost your immunity, reduce inflammation and chronic pain and help ward off deadly heart diseases and cancers. In this guide, Dr Greene shares her best restorative medicine practices proven to be effective in every walk of life and every moment in time.

Empowered Healing Guide

Your body is a miracle! It is always working for you. It is always working toward healing,optimum health, and your best interests.Your body has an innate knowledge of its inner workings and knows exactly what to do to save your life, maintain your well being, and heal.When you are working with your body, instead of against it, you are a powerful team. When you support your whole body, spirit and soul, healing is certain.

Surgical recovery kit

In this Recovery Guide for Pre-Op and Post-Op Surgery, Dr Greene shares tips and tools to enhance and speed up recovery after undergoing surgical procedures. Learn the best tools on how to prepare before your surgical procedure and how best to recover with the least side effects and quickest recovery time.

Great Nails Guide to Health

Great nails often means great health. Most of us care about having great nails, but perhaps we don’t realize that much of what we associate with beauty--clear skin, healthy hair, great nails--can also reveal much about the state of your health and wellness. The current conditions of your nails can speak to mineral deficiencies and other chronic diseases.

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