October 24, 2021

Great nails often means great health

Most of us care about having great nails, but perhaps we don’t realize that much of what we associate with beauty–clear skin, healthy hair, great nails–can also reveal much about the state of your health and wellness.

Likewise, poor nail health can speak to a root cause of a growing health issue: vitamin deficiencies.

Vitamin deficiencies, especially zinc, contribute most to common nail issues like fungus, brittle, dry and cracking, white spots, ridges, vertical lines, and disappearing half-moons (also referred to as lunula).

Zinc deficiency is common in most of the population today. Soil degradation is a significant contributing factor, as is chronic viral infections, or a sluggish liver filled with toxins.

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Great nails don’t have fungus

Nail fungus, just the word, may crinkle your nose. Fungus isn’t pretty and sure isn’t something you want if you want great nails!

But nail fungus is often associated with a weak immune system. This is a result of an overburdened toxic liver that is unable to convert vitamins and minerals into more usable nutrients, leading to the zinc deficiency we talked about.

Most doctors will prescribe topical or oral medications.

While this will clear up the issues on the outside, it will not get to the root cause.

In addition, oral meds are very hard on the liver (liver enzymes need to be monitored on oral meds), and this is exactly what we want to support for nail health: our livers!

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Choose nail polish, removers and adhesives wisely

Ok, as we deal with the underlying health issues, let’s also deal with that desire for great nails. Yes, you can still have pretty nails! Just stay away from the harsh chemicals in most nail products. Not only are they notorious for their fumes (a “troublemaker” for your liver) the toxins used in these products can seep through the cuticle and skin and cause more internal havoc. Check out this resource for much safer brands out there on the market.

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