April 17, 2023

Our Delicate and Amazing Nervous System

Our nervous system is so delicate, intricate and just amazing! Look at this electron micrograph of a spinal root nerve showing the inner bundle of myelinated axons. The whole nerve is about the diameter of a pencil lead!

These spinal nerves are composed of both sensory and motor fibers that transmit impulses between the spinal cord and the rest of the body. There are 31 pairs.

The problem is when these nerve fibers get injured and inflamed it can be debilitating leading us to look high and low for relief. I was there.

When a spinal nerve root is damaged there can be pain, increased sensitivity, numbness , tingling, vibrations, and muscle weakness.

If there has been no trauma or injury to the nerve or if it has lasted well beyond what would be expected in a healing setting,  then viral inflammation must be considered. Viral inflammation increase can also affect the injury pain and recovery.

Oftentimes, these viruses take advantage of previous injuries, where the nerves are weakened, allowing the viruses and neurotoxins they produce to create bodily inflammation and discomfort. Troublemaker foods like eggs, milk, cheese, butter, and gluten worsen these symptoms as do synthetic fragrances because they all feed viruses accelerating neurological symptoms. A high-fat diet interferes with glucose that nerve cells need critically for rejuvenation.

People with chronic conditions also often get injured for a variety of reasons.

Frustration and anger will tighten up all the muscles and nerves. Your body will respond to your thoughts yet your body is always working hard for you AND healing you. Knowing this truth will activate your immune system, helping you to heal.

There are ways to accelerate healing using foods and herbs as medicine in these situations.

consider: B12, Zinc, C, MSM, nettles , Magnesium Glycinate, ALA, Spirulina, Lemon balm, curcumin, California Poppy, Burdock root. Cats claw, licorice root.

Wild blueberries, Berries, onions, sprouts, cucumbers, garlic, parsley, sea veg, chaga mushroom, raw honey, coconut, asparagus, cilantro and radish

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