Are Your Past Beliefs Serving Your Present?

I have been contemplating a lot about beliefs lately. Our brains are filled with beliefs that are just assumptions we have made about how the world works.They may or may not be true. We often build false beliefs that are limited because they are assumptions we made long ago. Many come from parents, teachers, friends, the government, doctors, the media, etc. They can be so strong, like rocks in the brain.

New Discovery:

Our most permanent memories are our most sacred beliefs be they personal, political, social or religious.

Every time we think about these beliefs, the synaptic connections that hold them in place get stronger and begin to unconsciously influence us, often for the rest of our lives.

When we encounter someone who holds a different or opposing belief it literally creates a form of neural dissonance and no matter how hard we try we can’t get rid of them.

The challenge:

Become aware of your beliefs. Write them down and mindfully observe. Then focus on your values and notice how they can feel fundamentally different from your beliefs.

I have been asking myself as of late, what beliefs are true for me today that weren’t true for me 3 years, 5 years or 20 years ago?? I think if we allow ourselves to be curious, open and compassionate with ourselves and others we can leave room for change.

Tip from @medicalmedium

Sometimes we hold onto beliefs and memories that no longer serve us, and we need some extra support to let us go. Cilantro teaches us that life is an ongoing cycle of extraction. Just as cilantro is featured in cuisines from diverse cultures, emotional detox is a universal need.

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