February 4, 2022

Care over Fear

The pandemic put us all in a state of panic and fear. All of which only makes us more vulnerable to getting sick. We need to learn to put care over fear to get our lives headed back to a positive state.

As a society there was a collective fear among us—not fully understanding the virus — and the overwhelming fear of bringing it into your home, having to wipe down everything you brought inside, wearing masks, gloves, not touching anything, using hand sanitizer. It’s stressful. And it’s an everyday occurrence right now.

Watching the news and people in the hospital on ventilators and the sheer number of deaths, is enough to scare anyone. It’s getting scarier with the new variants of Covid now emerging. And then throw in the whole vaccination piece, there’s just so much fear.

I also knew it would do no good going down the rabbit hole of fear because I know that the fear itself causes more stress to your body.

The toolkit

From the outset of this pandemic I made a conscious choice not to give into fear. But a big part was the immunity I had in my life because I apply the techniques for a healthy immunity in my life. I didn’t fear if I did get the virus (of course, I did everything to NOT get it), but if I was to get it, I knew I had the tools to get myself out of it. I knew the best way to protect myself was to build my body up by eating clean and taking the right supplements.

I told myself often, “I’m good. I’m just good. I’m going to be smart, I’m wearing my mask and I’m going to be careful,” but I felt really grounded in where I was.

When the virus first came out almost a year ago now, I wrote a Guide to Immunity. Several of my patients have said “Thank you so much for this document. It’s really helped me and it’s wonderful to have this information. Thank you for putting it out there.”

The information in the Guide is there to help you be your own best doctor. I mean, obviously use doctors for sure, but also know that you can be empowered now to know how to take care of yourself, and we all need to know how to do that right now.

If there’s ever a time to get on a healthy plan, it’s now, right? Because all we have right now is fear of our physical form and something happening to us. Choose care over fear. Check out the Guide to Immunity and get started fearing less and feeling better.