December 23, 2021

Give the gift of a natural medicine cabinet

Do me a favor and go open your medicine cabinet right now. Take a look around. Maybe even take a quick pic. What’s inside? If this is your go-to-place for heath, does it reflect your commitment to healthy, natural healing remedies? Is your medicine cabinet a natural medicine cabinet?

Many of patients have “naturalized” their fridges, pantries, and even their cleaning closets using tips I prescribe both in my practice and in my Next Normal immunity guide.

But the most important thing: the cabinet called “medicine” is the one stubborn place we often slow down to change.

So here’s a little early new year’s resolution idea for you — or even better give yourself an early holiday gift of health. Here’s my list of what should be inside your natural medicine cabinet.

Starting to build your natural medicine cabinet

First, let’s do the herbs and supplements for pain, infection, immunity. We want things we need for first aid: headaches, open cuts, bruises, sore throats, teeth, acne, and rashes

This will get you started (but there is a world of natural remedies to learn about) in order to replace more toxic products that can stress our bodies immune system, kidneys and liver that we use for self care everyday.

This is what I always have on hand in my natural medicine cabinet:

Homeopathy is incredibly helpful for a host of acute conditions that arise. Sometimes it’s helpful to get some guidance on usage and duration of treatment- basic remedies:

  • Arnica homeopathic (30 C or 200 C) for bumps/bruises and acute trauma
  • Apis 30 C- bug bites,stings
  • Ledum 30 C – puncture wounds, animal bites
  • Byronia/ symphytum 30 C -bone pain/break depending on the severity
  • Cantharis 30C- blisters, sunburn
  • Nux Vomica 30 C- upset stomach, hangover, indigestion
  • China 30 C- bloated , gassy from eating too much/ Gas and Bloating formula from Gaia herbs capsule
  • Gelsemium-Anticipatory anxiety-
  • Kali phos- overwhelm
  • Ignatia- acute emotional stress, grief, worry, death of loved one, ending of long term relationship
  • Oscillococcinum – first sign of cold/flu


Coco floss (, essential oxygen organic brushing rinse, for all things oral care from receding gums, enamel issues, infections, bad breath

To feel better:

  • Propolis tincture (alcohol free) treats cold sores
  • Elderberry syrup (Gaia) colds, cough, flu
  • Oregano oil caps (Gaia) food posioning, gut bug
  • Teas
  • Camomile, passionflower, peppermint , nettles, lemon balm, red raspberry leaf, dandelion root
  • Essential oils
  • Peppermint, tea tree, lemon, lavender, Bergamot , Frankincense , Eucalyptus, Rosemary
  • Kids flu protection colds/ cough/ immune support – Eclectic institute ( herbal biotic , kids ear drops, kids echinacea/goldenseal)
  • Dew Dab- for acne, melasma, rosacea , scars

Next Level Natural Medicine Cabinet

OK! We’ve covered the basics. But there are still some important go-tos. So if you’re feeling motivated and liking the new natural medicine cabinet vibe in your bathroom, here are more things to add to the shelves.

  • Argentum 23 Silver hydrosol or gel for infections/ cuts and open sores, Hydrosol can be used in the eye for styes
  • Toprocin – all injuries, sprains and strains
  • Ancient Minerals magnesium oil/cream- sore muscles from overwork/exercise
  • Complete tissue and bone ointment ( Dr. Christophers) for joint and ligament pain and repair
  • Comfrey ointment ( Dr. Christophers) Comfrey has this herb plus beeswax and Extra Virgin Oil Olive (refrigerate after opening). It is used for scrapes, bruises, abrasions. chapping, itching, burns, wounds, infections
  • eczacalm (moonvalley organics)- topical cream for eczema
  • Liquid Zinc Tincture ( Vimergy) for first signs of cold and flu , sore throats
  • Lemon Balm (Vimergy) – stress, overwhelm, frazzled – also antibacterial and anti viral
  • Goldenseal (natures answer) – first sign of cold/flu bugs ( natural antibiotic)
  • O2 zap ( ozenated olive oil)- for rashes, bug bits, all skin irritations
  • Aloe gel (green leaf naturals) – burns, after shave irritation, bites, rashes
  • Annmarie Gianni/ Living Libations/ Beauty counter- Clean resources for Skin creams/oils/anti oxidant serums etc.

Come clean with your natural medicine cabinet

OK, accountability time. You don’t need to do this entire shopping list right now, but let’s put the steps in motion.

First, remember that picture you took. Be BOLD. Post it to your IG, tag me and tell the world that you’re committed to building a natural medicine cabinet for a healthier 2021!

Second, buy the first five things — whatever most excites you from the list above.

Replace at least one shelf with natural things (let’s make it the top shelf!). Then take a picture of that and post an update on your IG. Baby steps! But progress.When your “go-to” in times of hurt and pain are things that will naturally make you well, the whole lifestyle will make significant progress improving every aspect of your physician condition.