October 22, 2022

How to Curb Cravings

I am happy to share that I’ve made South Florida my new home. New environments can be exciting and inspiring, and offer expansive growth potential.

Yet, with any change, sometimes to gain new experiences and perspectives, we must release the old.

So often change, especially a big move like mine requires letting go of the familiar, of the people, places, and things we have grown accustomed to, for better or for worse. I am giving myself time and grace to make these adjustments, and I hope if you are going through something similar, you are gentle with yourself too.

Be kinder to yourself during times of transition

It’s so important to be kind to yourself in times of transition, as change may activate feelings of overwhelm or grief.

When discomfort around change arises, it is common to crave and sometimes return to old habits. Perhaps that’s more time in front of the TV instead of outside walking. Perhaps it’s a pizza, instead of a salad. Perhaps it’s wine instead of water. When our routines and expectations are upset, we return to past comfort zones in a final attempt at control.

Instead of reverting to the past and replaying the same patterns, try to honor these feelings of stress and fear in the present. Just be aware and allow them to pass as you take the next step on your healing journey.

Allow change to galvanize your growth, rather than reroute your efforts.

Change is crucial for us both emotionally and physically. When we experience chronic or lingering physical symptoms, something has to shift. Longtime symptoms can become looming health issues if not taken seriously. While we may not know the root cause of our issues, or what to change to heal them, we can be empowered and seek out professionals to us navigate our discomfort and find solutions to our struggles.

Be informed

We are at a pivotal time in medicine, making it all the more necessary to be more educated and informed.

I make it my mission to consistently increase my knowledge and understanding of the health and wellness world. The more I research, study, and understand, the more I can help you to do the same.

As a practicing doctor, there is nothing more important to me than learning everything I can so I can teach my patients not only about their bodies but also about how to advocate for themselves from a place of grounded resolve.

With chronic illness, pain, autoimmune states, and neurological issues climbing in frequency, many doctors jump to write prescriptions and refer their patients to a myriad of specialists. I know that there is more to chronic illness than medications and the latest new gadget. Take a deep breath and allow me to teach you what I know.

Our bodies have an innate capacity to heal if they are supported with healing foods, supplements, and tools to help them. I’ve put together some of my favorite resources to help you on your healing journey in my online Amazon and Wellevate shops.

Change is inevitable— who we are, where we live, and what we seek is ever-evolving and that movement within us is crucial for personal growth. That being said, change can be challenging, especially when making dietary adjustments.

Hello Cravings

When switching up our food intake, it’s common to be met with cravings for the foods we are used to.

While many believe cravings are indicative of our body missing something, or requiring an element of the craving, this is a misconception.

It’s normal to miss the foods we replace with healthier alternatives. Know that you are not alone in these cravings and they are actually a good sign.

When we remove foods that feed known or unknown pathogenic (bacteria, virus, fungus) loads, we starve the bugs that are causing our chronic symptoms.

These bugs create our cravings. When they are no longer able to feast on our food choices, a signal chemical is excreted and enters our brain to stimulate hunger messaging receptors that trigger our desires for the foods we gave up.

Cravings can also be triggered by our emotions. With Halloween days away, we may yearn for the snacks of our childhoods. Come the winter holidays, many of us will be at gatherings full of turkey, latkes, ham, stuffing, and family favorite foods. Craving these things is another way we can return to the familiar.

Goodbye cravings

Most of us don’t get enough glucose and mineral salts. So, when we feed ourselves what our body truly needs in the form of nutritiously dense foods rather than nutritiously empty highly processed foods, our bodies starve the bugs that make us feel unwell.

We don’t need to fight the cravings anymore because our bodies are getting what they truly need and the cravings naturally fall away.

Some people use food to distract themselves from pain and stress.

When we remove the foods we once found comfort in, feelings of sadness, grief, loneliness, fear, shame, guilt, and anger tend to arise.

Be patient. Hold space for those feelings and try to experience them with gratitude. Without masking them with food, you will be able to fully feel and move through the emotions that arise.

One of the most effective solutions I give to my patients to stave off cravings is to increase leafy green intake.

Leafy greens carry vital mineral salts that help the brain and the whole body come back into balance.

The more balanced your internal world is, the more balance you will feel and see outside of yourself.

Cravings Shifter Juice

If you are struggling with cravings, you may want to try this recipe that Anthony William shared in his new Brainsaver book.


  • 1/2-inch piece of fresh ginger
  • 1/4 cup tightly packed fresh basil
  • 1/2 cup tightly packed spinach
  • 1/2 cup chopped kale, tightly packed
  • 1/2 cup chopped cabbage, any color, tightly packed
  • 1/2 orange, peeled
  • 1/2 stalk celery

Run each ingredient through a juicer in the order listed top to bottom.

Pour into a glass and serve.

*Drink 15 to 30 minutes before or after any other food or drink.

You’re not alone

Take heart in knowing you are not alone as you stumble through change.

We are all on a journey of undoing and rebuilding, of coming undone to become healthy and to truly know ourselves.

Move your body, eat your greens and smile.

If you’d like support on your healing journey:

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Things are only getting better from here.

Dr. Sherri Greene
Restorative Physician

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