September 27, 2022

Push back on the pandemic panic

Pandemic panic is rising again. If we’re not careful, it could be worse than what we experienced last year, and that wasn’t pretty. Stress, isolation, fear, weight gain, increased drinking and many other things attacked our health at a time when the Coronavirus spread. But this year as the delta virus news creates waves of fear combined with a general fatigue about all the impacts this pandemic has had on our lives, we really need to push back against the pandemic panic and stay grounded in the things that keep us well.

Stress is a killer. So adding to that stress with panic, especially over misinformation or future-casting of what “might happen” will only decrease our health and break down our immunity.

This seems like a good time to take a cleansing breath, check in with some facts and get back to basics for our own good. We can’t control if there will be another big spike and we don’t want to contribute to the negativity and attacks swirling in the news and on social media. We are far better served taking care of ourselves with the strongest, positive mindset we can muster.

Back to basics to beat the pandemic panic

I recall when we first went into quarantine last year the feeling of panic of those around me, especially my patients I treated through telemed. But I remember feeling confident, in sharp contrast. I didn’t fear the virus, because in the end, I trusted my own daily practice of building a healthy immunity. If I did get the virus, I felt my body would be prepared. But mostly I felt I could practice basic things like social distancing and maintain my health.

This proved true for me. And I draw on this experience now as people start to again panic that the virus is coming back stronger than ever. It still gets down to basics. Eat healthy food, take good supplements, maintain an active lifestyle and don’t overindulge. This is what THIS doctor orders!

But guess what? Even the “scientific community” is recognizing the benefits of natural remedies because micronutrients such as a Vitamin D, C and Zinc are critical for a well-functioning immune system and play a vital role in promoting health and nutritional well-being. We need those vitamins and a lot more, which some of us have been saying the whole time.

If you haven’t yet downloaded my immunity guide, please do so! It’s full of simple practices like this to help you stay healthy and avoid the pandemic panic.
There is a lot of misinformation and a lot of fear-inducing messages that attack our sense of wellbeing and heighten stress, which is why it is so important to stay grounded in your healthy lifestyle, use food as medicine and seek out a stable foundation for your safe approach to life even in a pandemic.

Find joy in the simple things, don’t worry about what’s out there in the future or even what others are doing in other parts of the world. Be present where you are and let’s remind ourselves… stress significantly lowers your immune system making you more vulnerable to pathogens. Healthy immunity is the antidote. Live well, no matter what this pandemic does in the months ahead.

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