June 19, 2021

Medical Medium and the root cause of illness

What makes me a restorative physician? I am determined to get to the root cause of pain. A significant way I do this is by incorporating Medical Medium information into my practice.

I know it sets me apart from many of my colleagues. I know it makes me a more effective healer for my patients.

So let me explain the distinction.

Science and the root cause of illness

I have always been a science lover. I have been since high school. From an early age I the inner workings of humans, plants, and animals alike fascinated me. I also, think I was trying to figure out what was “wrong” with me from a very early age (you know, girls don’t like science and all whole host of others burdens people of my generation were raised with).

So I became a doctor, a foot surgeon ( another story for another time: why feet?).

But I found the limitations frustrating. It wasn’t enough for me when patients would come into my practice with not just a foot or ankle issue but a long list of other symptoms that I couldn’t ignore and just treat the body part that was brought before me. Foot bone connected to the ankle bone, connected to the knee bone on so on. We are connected human beings. I want to facilitate healing the whole person, not the part.

I became interested in nutritional medicine amongst other alternative healing approaches to the body to help find the root cause of what ailed my patients.

This interest took me farther in my ongoing healing studies. There was always more, missing pieces, more to understand, so I kept searching because still, so many patients suffered with no real answers.

Medical Medium’s scientific insights

Enter Anthony William, known as a Medical Medium. I came to understand through Anthony’s generously shared wisdom–piece by piece, uncovering and relearning–that so many things I was taught along the way to be THE TRUTH, well, just weren’t.

Each and every book he puts out is PURE science, just not known as of yet, but you can be sure it will be. The information I’ve learned has helped many of my patients get better.

This week I watched Anthony’s live talk on social media. He lives to teach, share, give to all those that have ears and the willingness to listen and learn. What is needed is a dropping of belief systems, and a surrender of your own “truth” just for a moment to maybe learn something new that may help you or someone you love.

Anthony spoke of deeper understanding of how adrenaline works with the brain and the vagus nerve and how it all plays a part in memories with the messages within these very unique adrenaline surges getting stuck in our cells/tissues of the body.

This helps understand why meditation, journaling, breathing exercises, etc, are tools of support, though by themselves they don’t get to the root cause to clear these experiences that get stuck deep in our body/cells.

Anthony explained how cleansing, yes cleansing, can enable you to release these records (stored memories) in the body and free you once and for all.

It was all incredibly healing and so enlightening for me to just listen, absorb, and reflect on my own life and past experiences.

To learn from someone like Anthony, you just need to drop pre-determined belief systems and surrender of your own “truth” just for a moment to learn something new that may help you or someone you love.

For so many people they’d rather remain skeptical, but still in pain. So many people are content with a treatment of symptoms, while never getting the root cause of the illness.

But as incorporate Anthony’s insights into my medical training, I see my patients heal faster and more completely. Why wouldn’t we use everything at our disposal to heal?!

if you are interested in this concept and learning more on how to cleanse safely and deeply, check out his latest book called Cleanse to Heal.

For an introduction to these concepts, I encourage you to click on my website and download my prescription for building your immunity and health. Now is the perfect time to heal the root cause of illness or just build your health to resist all the things that can make us sick.

I am one grateful doctor that I can now serve my patients in an even deeper way than before thanks in part to Anthony’s teachings on health and wellness. They may just expand your belief systems like it did mine after six years of medical school and many many post-graduate years of education.

I will never stop learning.