July 12, 2021

A restorative physician approach to the doctor-patient relationship

A restorative physician is a pretty rare breed. It signifies someone determined to work with you to restore your health at the root causes, not just prescribe something to take away symptoms.

A restorative physician is someone who understands you are a person, a whole person with interconnected mind, body and spirit that all needs to be healthy for you to feel healthy.

A restorative physician is first and foremost, a physician, meaning someone with the medical training to help guide you through numerous different paths toward healing.

A restorative physician is also rare because he or she must be open-minded to healing methodologies that don’t fall under conventional Western Medicine.

So yes, who I am as a health provider is being all of these things, but most importantly, above all it is the relationship I share with my patients that defines my job and how it has evolved over nearly three decades of treating patients.

A restorative physician knows the human connection heals

My patients most often arrive in pain. Of course, right? They are sick, they call a doctor, that’s how it goes. But, many of my patients arrive not only in pain but at the end of their physical and emotional rope.

Chronic pain invades your wellbeing. I know, I was there myself. Using many of the restorative techniques I advocate I was able to deal with many illnesses and chronic pain that had robbed me of my vitality. This point of view, the empathy I learned through my own illness, now guides my work.

People arrive in pain and they so badly want to be healed. It takes time to bring physical healing, but through my connection with them–through that special patient-doctor relationship that goes beyond symptoms and drills down to cures–I help my patients know they are not alone. That is often a very critical first step to healing, one that many traditional Western Medicine doctors miss.

restorative physicians can help build Covid-19 immunity

A restorative approach to wellness in an unwell time

Because my relationship with my patients is at the center of my practice, I know how frightening this time is for us. Daily news about the rising impact of the pandemic, coupled with confusing information about how to stay healthy causes stress. And stress makes us more vulnerable to Covid-19.

But here again, a restorative approach is the right one: We can use the best restorative medicine practices that have proven to be effective in every walk of life and every moment in time.

As a restorative physician who specializes in treating chronic pain and numerous diseases, I can with confidence state that supporting and boosting your immunity will help protect you during this pandemic.

Immune system functions can be strengthened through diet, herbal remedies and lifestyle habits. Doing everything we can do to boost immunity is absolutely key because no matter what, we come into contact with microorganisms that can cause us harm. And sometimes, we get infected without knowing and it leads to long term illness when untreated.

I put together my best prescription to help you during this pandemic. It won’t cost you anything and you don’t even half to do all of the steps I mentioned to make yourself healthier. Download it today.

But remember, we get better together. It’s the relationship that is at the heart of the cure. Feel free to visit my Instagram, comment about how this going and even post questions. We can interact together, all of us, who are working toward restoring ourselves and our world.