May 10, 2022

How managing copper in the liver can help you thrive

Our livers are live-saving. They do the heavy lifting for our bodies, day-in and day-out to filter toxins and regulate healthy blood flow. Buildup of toxins in the body over time can spell trouble, affecting everything from mood to digestion to immunity. High levels of copper in the liver have also been linked to psoriasis and other skin conditions.

Not to worry! A few small adjustments can have a big impact on your body. These simple tips to combat buildup of copper in the liver will help you restore, replenish, and thrive.

Target the source of copper in the liver

First, it’s helpful to understand how toxins, specifically copper, end up in the liver and bloodstream.

A small amount of copper helps keep us in good health—trace mineral copper occurs naturally in almost all foods especially nuts/seeds and leafy greens. But we’re also exposed to toxic copper and other heavy metals in our daily life and activities.

With more people living in cities than ever, many of my patients have concerns about air and water quality. Old copper piping and copper-based paints are sometimes to blame for pollution, and then there’s hidden factors like pesticides sprayed on the grass at your local park, or copper in cookware used to prepare our foods,  boil water or heat up baby formulas. And to note, there is copper along with mercury and aluminum in medications.

That’s why paying attention to your environment, your daily activities, and the foods you choose is so critical. Whenever possible, choosing organic, pesticide-free fruits and veggies, opting for filtered water, and making other small choices to steer clear of unwanted copper can make a noticeable difference.

So, what can too much copper do to the body? The short answer is, toxic copper contributes to liver overload (more on specific symptoms and my recommended treatments here). Healthy livers can target and neutralize toxins like copper, storing them away and eliminating them over time. An overloaded or bogged down liver, on the other hand, may struggle to keep up everything our modern lives throw its way.

Try a few powerful, regenerative foods

You can combat the effects of copper buildup with some simple changes to your diet and routine. Ready to heal your liver and discover the hidden benefits of everyday foods? Add these nutrient-rich, immunity-boosting items to your grocery list.

Apples: Great for hydration, and a favorite among kids and adults (and doctors!) alike. The fruit acids in apples help cleanse the liver by dispersing toxic films that build up inside it’s storage banks

Brussels sprouts: an ultimate liver cleansing food with some of the most powerful beneficial sulfur for the liver, it has the ability to cling to poisons and safely escort them out of the liver

Celery: I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Celery juice can help flush toxins from the body and chip away at harmful buildup.

Tomatoes: They’re healing, detoxifying, and you can add them to tons of different sauces and salads.

Apricots: protects liver from cell damage. Also offers beneficial copper than can help bond to toxic coppers inside the liver and carry them out.

Asparagus: acts as a natural aspirin and soothes a hot overburdened struggling liver. It helps the ability of the liver to cleanse. It helps dislodge fat cells and expelling them from the liver as well as helps to increase bile production yet doesn’t allow the liver to overwork

Cilantro: This herb binds onto toxic heavy metals as well as other trouble makers- such as neurotoxins and dermatoxins and expel them safely from the body. It is also a great liver cleansing and liver building herb.

And last but not least, tea! Try adding a cup of dandelion and or burdock root tea to aid liver function.

In addition to these powerful foods that support the liver, an option to help eliminate accumulated copper in your body is the heavy metal detox smoothie recommended by Medical Medium, Anthony Williams. This healing smoothie will help to pull out toxic heavy metals hidden in any tissue and organs.

Find what works for you

The benefits of a healthy liver are endless: With these small changes, you can enjoy visible improvements like clear skin, but also invisible improvements—boosts of energy, clarity of thinking, and joy. The bottom line? Find the foods, activities, and lifestyle changes that work best for you. You know your body best.

As you continue your journey, I’m always here to offer guidance along the way. Have you found a food or supplement that’s helped you detoxify and thrive? I’d love to hear about it.