February 10, 2022

A balanced doctor-patient relationship

As a restorative physician, my role is restoring a natural, healthy, grounded, balance for my patients. We do that by having a balanced doctor-patient relationship from the start.

I do this by working with my patients—talking to them, understanding their needs, and taking their opinions into consideration— as opposed to being the authority and telling them what to do. I want my patients to have a sovereign way of being with themselves and the world, rather than giving their power away to anybody.

I look at it as a co-relationship with a patient. I feel like we work as a team. I feel like education is everything, so explaining the whys to patients, helps them become part of their own healing team. They should know and understand what they have going on, and how they got to where they got. And then how we’re going to work together to bring them back.

The starting point of a doctor-patient relationship

For too long we’ve gone to a doctor and said “fix me.”

I’m here to give you information and knowledge and the tools to be able to get there—but it’s up to you how you use them. I’m not in your kitchen or in the store with you making the choices of the foods that you’re going to get. I’m not with you when you’re having a meltdown, (well sometimes I am!) but I’m going to give you the tools that you need to be able to help you find your footing again, and get back into healthy ways of eating, create new habits and better habits.

I find a lot of people don’t know where to start with their health, especially now with Covid. People are isolated and dealing with mental illness. Depression, anxiety, stress, workplace isolation, obesity and overall the unknown factor—all the markers of this pandemic have taken its toll. So, I think most people out there are thinking, “wow, I’m not feeling good, but who do I call? I don’t even know where to start.”

Let’s talk. Call me for an introductory session and get started. I can help take the fear away from the “I’m not doing well, but don’t know why.” It’s ok to not feel well and not know why. Our bodies react to stress in many ways. I’m here to help you figure out these issues and work on a plan together to get you feeling like yourself again.

What’s an introductory call like?

On your introductory call, we’ll mostly just chat. I’ll ask you comprehensive questions that’ll provoke you to get more specific about what is bothering you. It includes physical questions, mental/emotional questions, and even spiritual questions. It’s getting to the root of what is bothering you. If you don’t know exactly what’s going on, make a call and say, “I just don’t feel well and I don’t know what’s wrong.”

And then I think through the series of questions that you would answer that would be able to help us to understand and uncover really what is going on.

The first call is an hour long with an half hour follow-up included. We’ll come up with a treatment plan which includes a welcome packet with a load of information, recipes, links to meditations, and much more. I also offer packages for future appointments.

Lessons learned

I have taken away so much from this experience of quarantining that we’ve all been through; of what’s important and what isn’t important. I’ve learned that anything we want to do in the world, we need to be of healthy body, mind, and spirit.

We can’t do any of these things if we don’t have a good healthy body to do it with. We want to live on this planet as it shifts and changes, and feel good in our bodies.

That’s our right to feel good. It’s our birthright to feel healthy and happy, and if we’re not, we’ve got to figure out what it is. Whether it’s soul searching, or what it is that’s going to make you happy.

The first step to a balanced doctor-patient relationship starts with you. You’ve just got to ask for help–If you ask for help, then help is going to show up for you. Let’s get you feeling better so you can tackle the world! Schedule your introductory consultation today—remember, it’s ok to ask for help, even if you don’t know what help you need.