November 11, 2022

Manage Your Pain, Don’t Fear

Summer is in full swing and for many of us, that means being more active, spending more time outside, and seeing much more of the long-awaited summer sun. It means seeing friends and family at barbeques and picnics. It’s blanketed in the grass and vegetables on the grill. It’s beach towels, volleyball, bicycle rides, badminton, long walks, and patio chats. Summer is a special time when we are able to reconnect with ourselves and nature. When walking outside feels like a warm hug. It is also a wonderful time for travel– vacations, staycations, travel to a friend’s home, a weekend away.

In all of the hot, hazy, dreamy days this season has to offer, the quickest way to snap you out of relaxation and reconnection is an unexpected injury. With increased travel and activity comes the risk of increased injury– punctures, sunburns, spasms, and sprains are all possible, as well as the risk of food poisoning and flu.

I’ve outlined some quick fixes and natural tools to combat unexpected summer situations. So take a deep breath, follow the guide below, and don’t let an accident stand between you and the vacation, gardening day, or pool party you’ve been planning. Keep these tools in your home or travel kit to circumvent summer mishaps:

Insect & Bug Bites

While there are so many benefits to being outside, hot itchy bug bites can put a damper on the fun.

Use these natural fixes topically :

  • Anti-venom balm is my go to for bug bites, spider bites, and skin punctures
  • Aloe vera gel
  • Basil oil
  • Topical Echinacea
  • Lavender oil
  • Star anise oil
  • Calendula cream

Foot Puncture

Whether you step on a stick while camping, or lodge a thorn in your foot from walking barefoot outside, these steps will help you find relief from an uncomfortable foot puncture:

  • Immediately clean the area with hydrogen peroxide and examine the wound for remaining foreign object
  • Apply sovereign silver topical gel, antibiotic ointment, or lavender oil
  • Cover the puncture and keep it clean and dry
  • Take Ledum homeopathic (good for small puncture wounds from nails and thorns)
  • See your doctor if something remains in the puncture

Ankle Sprain or Back Spasm

If you slip on a wet rock while hiking, or overestimate the hours you can spend on the tennis court, you may be facing a sprained or twisted ankle or lower back spasms. To mitigate swelling and pain:

  • Ice and brace with a supportive wrap for ankle/knee
  • Get plenty of rest and keep any weight off the injury
  • Take Arnica 200 C (relieves muscle pain, stiffness, and swelling from injuries and bruising)
  • Take supportive supplements:
    - Curcumin
    - Turmeric
    - Boswellia
    - Magnesium
  • For severe pain, take NSAIDS (like Advil) with food


If you forgot to apply sunscreen or didn’t think to reapply, you may experience a sunburn. Treat the discomfort from the inside out:

  • Topical support (apply to the sunburned skin):
    - Aloe Gel
    - Calendula cream
    - Chamomile soothing
    - Mullein oil
    - Fenugreek
    - Echinacea
    - Oat straw cream
    - Lavender oil
    - Raspberry leaf tea
    - Lemon juice
    - Pomegranate seed oil
  • Take the homeopathic Cantharis 30C
  • Eat these foods to improve hydration and reduce swelling:
    - Cucumber juice
    - Sweet potatoes
    - Mangos
    - Coconut water
    - Aloe vera
    - Wild blueberries

Food Poisoning

Few things are better than live music and a restaurant patio illuminated by twinkly lights on a warm night – especially if you are traveling. It’s common to eat out in the summer, whether it be at a friend’s house, beach shack, or at a restaurant.

To Prevent Food Poisoning:

  • Take oregano oil before eating out
  • Ask for garlic to be added to dishes
  • Squeeze lemon onto food
  • Drink peppermint and/or ginger tea (powerful antibacterial properties)

To Treat Food Poisoning:

  • Hydrate. Sip on water, coconut water, lemon water, and ginger water helpful to flush and kill off bad bacteria
  • Take Homeopathics
    - Veratrum Album (for excessive vomiting)