January 18, 2024

The US News and World report- Best diets 2024

Look at this list, it’s quite a list. These “Science-backed diets” that are stated to work. 🤔

The Paleo Diet, HMR Diet, Nutrisystem, Keyto Diet, OPTAVIA Diet, KetogenicDiet, Atkins Diet, SlimFast Diet, Dukan Diet, Herbalife , Ornish Diet, Pritikin Diet, Zone Diet, The Noom Diet, The Plantstrong, South Beach Diet, Nutritarian Diet, Jenny Craig Diet, Profile Plan Diet, Vegan Diet 101, Mediterranean, DASH Diet, The MIND Diet, The Mayo Clinic Diet, Flexitarian Diet, WeightWatchers, Volumetrics Diet , Dr. Weil's Anti-Inflammatory Diet, TLC Diet, Raw Food Diet

A panel of leading medical and nutritional experts evaluated and ranked these diets according to nutritional completeness, health risks and benefits, long-term sustainability, and evidence-based effectiveness.

My first question is, if we have all of these detailed diets that have been studied and evaluated, why is a chronic illness where it is today? Rhetorical question. Most of us know it’s not that simple.

Have we solved the mysteries of Heart disease, Diabetes, Neurodegenerative, and Cancer and many many more....?

Nutritional science and research is a massive volume of conflicting results and poorly designed studies where we are left thoroughly confused. Properly controlled studies are challenging. The latest trends and hype for the quickest answers sway many people.

“Most diets include both healthy and unhealthy components, so considering the diet as a whole can obscure our ability to use research results to determine a truly optimal diet.” -Dr. Peter Attia

When we are making our choices on how to eat to heal and prevent chronic disease, the foundation must include these factors

🍎nutrient-dense, phytochemical rich, high in antioxidants

🍋pathogen fighting not feeding

🍊immune supportive

🫐adrenal supportive

✨These are the Holy Four: Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs and Spices, and Wild Foods. They should be the central part of your diet.

These foods will help to address the issues that we are up against, the Unforgiving four: radiation, toxic heavy metals, virus explosion and DDT( and other pesticides and herbicides)