June 11, 2021

Food is the Best Defense in a Pandemic

Have you ever taken a step back and thought about what we put in our bodies? A physician tells us to take a pill for an ailment so we do. Often we are told, “take it with food,” so it won’t upset our stomach.

Then three or four times a day we eat so much food that also may well hurt our stomach (and our immune system, and our liver, and so much more). So then we diet or need medical procedures to take care of those problems.

It’s a terrible circle and one, as a restorative physician, I’m determined to change. My approach to treatment is to move beyond Band-Aid approaches — and yes, some prescription medications are nothing more than a Band-Aid over the true problem.

We know beyond doubt through scientific research and nearly three decades of treating people in my private practice that food is powerful medicine. By choosing a diet that is restorative, you actually heal your body and end chronic pain.

Food as medicine is also the best defense in a pandemic to boost our immunity and keep us healthy.

Here are three of my favorite tips for things to eat and drink that will help heal what ails you:

Celery Juice

Thousands of chronically ill people have restored their health by drinking 16 oz of celery juice on an empty stomach daily. It’s the foundation of your protocol. Here’s a link to learn more: bit.ly/2GlmNTS

Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie

This delicious smoothie will help pull metals like lead, aluminum, copper, nickel and cadmium as well as pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and more that have been contributing to your illness and getting lodged in your organs where they accumulate.

It also tastes great! https://bit.ly/35jxuik

Adrenal Snacks

The best way to support your adrenals, keep your blood sugar stable and help you recover your health is to eat a balanced snack every 90-120 minutes.Here’s a link to 10 delicious and nutritious easy to make-and-take snacks: https://bit.ly/2MOF8Lu

If you try any of these, I encourage you to comment on my Facebook, IG or below in the comments tell me how it went. I’m here to encourage you on your healing journey.

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