January 8, 2022

Treating chronic pain and emotions key to restorative medicine healing

Many doctors simply do not want to get into the realm of the mind and emotions with their patients. The medical system isn’t set up to give doctors the time and space to treat that way, nor is this human-centered connection focused on during medical school. But treating chronic pain and emotions as part of a restorative medicine appointment is standard in my practice, for a simple reason: it works better than treating the symptoms of pain only.

To effectively heal, we have to recognize the connection between the emotions someone is dealing with when they have been in chronic pain or dealing with long term mystery symptoms. We are connected. We are whole beings, mind, heart, spirit and soul. I take that into consideration with all my patients.

The obvious connection between chronic pain and emotions

Think of your reaction to pain:

  • A paper cut? Did you swear?
  • Hit your hand with a hammer? What then?
  • A chronic headache? Do you find yourself short of patience, more snippy with others?
  • How about everyday joint pain or digestive pain that you just “live” with?

Of course. Pain hits our emotional center. This connection between chronic pain and emotions can’t be discounted.

When you experience chronic pain, it takes a toll on your mental health. Long term heightened emotions can further weaken the immune system, making you feel worse. And when you don’t feel good both mentally and physically you may not feel like eating well, exercising, or doing much of anything.

As a restorative physician, I listen to my patients–I mean really listen. And over and over I hear the same story:

  • They suffer from chronic pain and have been to several doctors with no diagnosis or satisfactory treatment options
  • They are afraid to open up at first; afraid to get another “it’s all in your head” answer
  • They are frustrated, depressed, scared, and hopeless
  • They have been prescribed meds for depression or anxiety, yet the underlying pain hasn’t gone away
  • They leave the appointment still suffering from chronic pain, even more frustrated because they don’t feel like they were actually heard
  • It takes months even years for them to seek a different doctor only to experience this scenario again…over and over

This vicious cycle stops with me.

I understand how these patients feel. I am one of them. I suffered from chronic pain for most of my life. I get you. I am you. And you know what? I’m no longer in that pain, and I can help you finally say goodbye to your pain as well.

By looking at the whole body, we can get a better idea of what ales you. Having negative feelings from either past doctor appointments or because of the physical pain needs to be addressed.

Let’s talk. Make an appointment with me today. Together we can work by treating chronic pain and emotions—and finally get you feeling like yourself again.